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Drive axle tyre for on & off construction-site operation engineered with advanced YOKOHAMA technologies.


  • The aggressive 4-block tread design with shoulder lugs produces dependable traction on rough surfaces.
  • The deeper & wider tread increases the mileage.
  • The tapered tread grooves reduce stone retention while the newly-developed tread compound is highly resistant against cutting and chipping.



1) Deeper & wider tread


2) Aggressive 4-block tread design



Lower Fuel Consumption, the new MC⊃2; compounding technology developed by Yokohama, reduces the tyre’s rolling resistance, allowing the truck to roll easier. Using less energy means using less fuel, which means lowering costs and putting more money back into your pocket.


As a tyre rotates under load, thousands and thousands of times, the demands on the casing steel and rubber compounds are incredibly stressful. This strain energy can take the life out of tyres, prematurely. Built into our newest generation of radial truck tyres, our STEM-2 technology brings you more durability than you’ve ever experienced.

STEM-2 redirects normally destructive straining and flexing forces to deliver extended performance to the life of every STEM-2 enhanced Yokohama steel radial tyre.

To help explain this concept, consider the simple paper clip. The rapid bending of a paper clip is an exaggerated view of what the steel belts of a tyre casing go through over the many miles of its life. Over time, the strain of stress loads, heat, road bumps and everyday operation can break down the strength of the steel and the rubber to reduce the life of the average casing.

But Yokohama’s exclusive STEM-2 technology reinforces the casing to make it stand up to these strains, allowing multiple retreads, deeper tread depths and even wider treads. It all adds up to less maintenance costs and more miles for every tyre dollar spent. It’s just what today’s truckers need.

LY717 Available sizes

Inch Size Art. Aspect Ratio Load Index Speed Symbol Origin
22.5 315/80R22.518KLY717S L RIF7 B4293 80 156/150K 154/150M K , M THA

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Fuel Efficiency 2
Wet Grip B
External Noise Class

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